Moths and Memory Weave

Pinned Moth – object

I was working on this moth. After a conversation with a friend Ana Cozendey this object became a starting point for an interactive project called Memory Weave. Ana has experience in organising creative workshops, so the memory theme grew into a memory exchange. Where the participants are encouraged to share their memories and weave an object – cocoon together. A throwing of a ball of wool is used to mark the participants turn to both symbolically and physically contribute towards the creation of the seed object.

There is a story attached to this object. It is a part of the piece -the object and the story together.

Moths and Memory Weave

The Kröller-Müller museum in Holland

Sitting in the middle of De Hoge Veluwe National Park is the Kröller Müller museum and sculpture park.

The way the architecture, the park and the sculptures work together is beautiful. Winding paths, sculptures immersed in a forest. It is planned so well, the effect of each sculpture is magnified, and they look better then if they were displayed in a gallery. Going down hidden paths that do eventually open up their treasures, feels like an adventure and discovery.

The environment evokes a sense that this is a private moment, as the trees and flowering bushes hide the other visitors and the other sculptures. It is just me and the sculpture/strange tower, or this little shrine. As if we have stumbled on the piece by accident.

A grove of trees is hiding a bunch of satyrs. A monumental metal tower that looks like a fractal drawing, stands in a clearing. The repetitive pattern reaching to the sky.

Jan Fabre

We stayed in a bungalow park also immersed in a forest near the national park. The smell of the forest pervading everything. The whole experience fitted beautifully together.

Umberto Boccioni

The museum building itself is on one level, with flat roof and big floor to ceiling windows. Minimalist dream and beautifully sprawled in the greenery. The collection of Van Goughs is magnificent, I loved the Odilon Redon as well. The sculpture is as good and well displayed inside as it is outside. The futurist Boccionni’s famous man in movement “Unique forms of continuity in space” is here.

The use of the space, nature and architecture is masterful. Hiding and revealing just enough and always leaving you wanting more, like a delicious dish. Tantalising pathways talk to my inner child and I am certain I did not see everything hidden in this forest of a sculpture park. I will be back.

The Kröller-Müller museum in Holland

Duchamp Parallels

I am researching parallels between contemporary art and mythology. But I noticed this as a student studying Duchamp a long time ago, I am now getting back to this.

Duchamp is an intelligent trickster himself so it is not a surprise he identifies with Hermes. It is even more telling that his wings are made of soap bubbles for this “Obligation Monte Carlo”  bond.

Hermes himself among other things was considered the giver of wealth and good luck (ploutodotês), presided over the game of dice, and those who played it threw an olive leaf upon the dice, and first drew this leaf. (Hom. Il. vii. 183; Aristoph. Pax, 365; Eustath. ad Hom. p. 675.)


Another one of my favourite pieces “With hidden noise”.

Famously even he didn’t know what is inside. Hermetically closed, it playfully jokes with the mystery and power of the unknown. The fact that it is unknown, secret is the primary source of that power. Secret societies and ritual mysteries use this trick. I would like to draw a parallel between this object and an amulet.

Duchamp is laughing at the world in most of his work, but benevolently he ends with a positive image. He likes the traditional symbolism of male-female as matter- spirit. This is most obviously shown in the chess with the naked lady. The final revelation is hidden behind a door and can only be glimpsed.


Etant donnés

The carnal matter carries the light, the matter being necessary for the light to burn at all.




Duchamp Parallels

String of Mothers and Nest

String of Mothers

Being a mother draw my attention to another aspect of my self, the one of being a daughter and a granddaughter. I started looking backwards and looking for a root or a stem ending in a string of mothers stretching backwards perpetually. There is a sense of mystery of something venerated in the past in a form of a deity as these figures turn gradually less familiar, blearier and abstracted. So here started the Russian dolls. They are transparent and it is possible to see the adult female figure inside, with another smaller adult female inside itself.

I have now finished the nest. It is about getting to terms with a miscarriage that happened years ago.

String of Mothers and Nest