The Kröller-Müller museum in Holland

Sitting in the middle of De Hoge Veluwe National Park is the Kröller Müller museum and sculpture park.

The way the architecture, the park and the sculptures work together is beautiful. Winding paths, sculptures immersed in a forest. It is planned so well, the effect of each sculpture is magnified, and they look better then if they were displayed in a gallery. Going down hidden paths that do eventually open up their treasures, feels like an adventure and discovery.

The environment evokes a sense that this is a private moment, as the trees and flowering bushes hide the other visitors and the other sculptures. It is just me and the sculpture/strange tower, or this little shrine. As if we have stumbled on the piece by accident.

A grove of trees is hiding a bunch of satyrs. A monumental metal tower that looks like a fractal drawing, stands in a clearing. The repetitive pattern reaching to the sky.

Jan Fabre

We stayed in a bungalow park also immersed in a forest near the national park. The smell of the forest pervading everything. The whole experience fitted beautifully together.

Umberto Boccioni

The museum building itself is on one level, with flat roof and big floor to ceiling windows. Minimalist dream and beautifully sprawled in the greenery. The collection of Van Goughs is magnificent, I loved the Odilon Redon as well. The sculpture is as good and well displayed inside as it is outside. The futurist Boccionni’s famous man in movement “Unique forms of continuity in space” is here.

The use of the space, nature and architecture is masterful. Hiding and revealing just enough and always leaving you wanting more, like a delicious dish. Tantalising pathways talk to my inner child and I am certain I did not see everything hidden in this forest of a sculpture park. I will be back.

The Kröller-Müller museum in Holland

String of Mothers and Nest

String of Mothers

Being a mother draw my attention to another aspect of my self, the one of being a daughter and a granddaughter. I started looking backwards and looking for a root or a stem ending in a string of mothers stretching backwards perpetually. There is a sense of mystery of something venerated in the past in a form of a deity as these figures turn gradually less familiar, blearier and abstracted. So here started the Russian dolls. They are transparent and it is possible to see the adult female figure inside, with another smaller adult female inside itself.

I have now finished the nest. It is about getting to terms with a miscarriage that happened years ago.

String of Mothers and Nest





A field of glass, just opening, lily buds with little teenagers inside. The potential is just hinted. The buds are just a foretaste of things to come. Puberty is a fragile time of change. The fragility of this potential is moving. Not all the buds open.
Recently in our community we lost two teenagers. This sad experience deeply affected me. As a mother myself, it is easy to put myself in the place of the parents. I also remember being a teenager. It is a turbulent time.

Balance is hard to sustain. So many things pull in an opposite direction. We only have fragile moments.

Another reminder of fragility is a book I read recently .The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro is in some way closest to Don Quixote.
This is a tale of fragility both of people’s memories and of civilization itself. He uses mythical language and conveys a mythical wisdom.
It is a multi-layered and beautiful book. It takes only a little while to get used to his way of talking in this book. The ever present fog of forgetfulness is such a powerful symbol. It is timeless just like the most excellent myths and Shakespeare’s best plays. Without this fog of illusion no civilized values can be promoted to anyone, as they would remember too well how it all started.
In the same time a personal, touching story of an aging couple, love, humanity and a story about collective fog of forgetfulness- politics of severely controlled information.


Bourgeois exhibition

An exhibition has been incredibly inspiring and will influence my art in the future. Artist rooms have brought Louise  Bourgeois in Southampton City Gallery, I have now seen it four times, and it inspired me on every  one of these occasions.

I have been struggling to achieve a representation of memory that I was happy with. This showed me that memory is fragmentary. So far I have been trying to come up with a complete scene and was frustrated as this was not working. When I reflect on childhood memories, it is always the fragments that are crustal clear and the scene as a whole is obscure and suggested rather that coherent. Sometimes these fragments are parts of carpet and furniture and the people are bleary.

The inescapable reference to primitive religion and cult objects, is particularly inspiring.

woman- house by Louise Bourgeois
woman- house by Louise Bourgeois
Neolithic goddess Magna Mater from Velusina R,Macedonia
Neolithic goddess Magna Mater from Velusina R,Macedonia

Also including objects together with drawings, sculpture and spaces finally makes sense to me.

I have started preparing to make a hologram as a part of a bigger unit. I have a plan that involves Russian dolls and I will be casting some sculpture in transparent resin.

Bourgeois exhibition